Local Campbellville Pioneers 
John Campbell
builder and founder of 
Campbellville, the  Mill,  
Covered bridge, General  
 Store and Post Office  
beginning in 1849. Was 1st  
Postmaster 1851-1857 
William Bahr
bought the Campbell's Mill property in 1869 and operated the mill and general store until 1875.
Mrs. Content (Rice) Bahr
his wife,  was her husbands english tutor prior to their marriage.
James H. Campbell
son of John, who assisted his father building the Campbellville mill, store and house.
Levi Thrasher
a well known local hunter.  
He married into the  
Hunsinger clan, and was  
well respected in the area. 
Anna (Hunsinger) Thrasher
 Levi's wife 
Daniel Kelly
one of the early pioneer 
settlers in Sullivan County.  
The road leading from the  
Campbellville mill to his  
farm was called the Kelly  
Hill Rd.
Mary Kelly
his wife.  
The Kelly family had 16 
children and 65  
Ada Bedford Fawcett
 representing two leading clans, the  
 Bedford and Fawcett's. Benjamin  
 and  William Fawcett both held  
 Postmaster appointments at  
Powell Norton
 respected businessman, purchased  
 the Campbellville properties in 1875   
 and held them until 1928. He was    
 appointed 10th  Postmaster at  
 Campbellville from 1883 to 1920.
     Rebecca Norton- left
A gathering at the Norton home. L-R 
 Powell Norton, Ed Norton, Harry 
 Norton, Clarence Hart, Daniel Mock,  
 Mrs. Ed Norton and  Mary (Bedford)      
 Norton, wife of Powell Norton.
Ransom J. Warren, 
The son of Francis & Sylinda Warren.
Rev. Richard Bedford,  
Judge, Congressman & a respected 
 citizen of Campbellville and close 
 friend of Campbellville founder John 
Rev. Bedford's wife Arvilla.
Orlando Heverly- wife Hanah B. (Warren) (Campbell) Heverly. 
1st married to Hiram Campbell at 
 Campbellville. After his tragic death  
 at the mill she married Mr. Heverly a  
 local resident. Hiram Campbell was  
 the 2nd Postmaster 1857-1862.
Benjamin Fawcett, Mary Fawcett and their children. 
 Mr. Fawcett was the 5th Postmaster at  
Campbellville & operated the General  
Store 1871-1873.
Wilson R. & Anna S. (Wilcox) Campbell. 
Mr. Campbell was the 7th Postmaster at  
Campbellville 1876-1879 
Carl & Alice Driscoll 
After returning from college resided  at the old Campbellville home. Pix   shown elsewhere.
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Murry A Warburton 
Adam Snyder 
Robert  Warburton 
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            Otis Gordis Hatch 
Mr. Hatch the last pioneer of Camp- 
bellville. Purchased the property on 
Sept. 27, 1928. He and his wife Florence lived across the road from the Campbellville General store. 
              Florence Hatch 
Mrs. Hatch operated the General store along with her husband Otis.
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               Jacob Snyder 
               William Fawcett 
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Mary Rosamond Litzelman 1921 - 2008 
Last resident of Campbellvile passes. Mary Rosamond Litzelman, age 87, wife of LaRue Litzelman, passed away peacefully on Saturday morning, Oct. 11, 2008, at her home in Forks Township. Her husband, LaRue Litzelman ,resides at 1907 Campbellville Road, New Albany, PA.  
Mary and her husband, LaRue, were very involved in timbering and operating a small sawmill their whole lives. Mary could repair most of the equipment and also operated the dozer as well as any professional logger. Following are a few excerpts from an interview with Mrs. Litzelman in 1978.  
"I came to this area fifty-seven years ago after the mill was washed away by the flood. But it was before the covered bridge was removed and replaced with an iron bridge." 
"This house here is over 200 hundred years old and the first house to be built ever in the area." 
"Once many years ago when I was fishing down by where the old mill was, I saw something round sticking out of the creek bed. Later I went back and dug around it a bit and found it was the grinding wheel from the old mill." 
Excerpts courtesy of Burke Campbell, author of, "The History of Campbellville" copies available from the Sullivan Review newspaper, Dushore, PA 18614 (570-928-8403).
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